This is it.

The Infamous Shatner "Rocket Man" Video.

You have been warned.

Video Clip

Appalling. Equally as bad is "How Do You Handle A Woman"

In real life, William Shatner has been very lucky in love, in a matter of speaking.  He has been married four times within his life.  His first marriage to Gloria Rand lasted from 1956 to 1969. After divorcing Gloria, Shatner was not off the market for long.  He ended up marrying Marcy Lafferty a few years later in 1973 and his marriage to her lasted 21 years and ended in divorce.  Just like his previous divorce, William did not stay single long.  In 1997 he took the plunge again, this time to Nerine Kidd.  He remained with Nerine until her untimely death in 1999 when she drowned in their back yard swimming pool. Although Mr. Shatner has stated publicly that Nerine's death had devastated him, he once again presented a set of wedding bands in 2001.  He still remains married to Elizabeth Martin and they have even worked together musically.  In 2004, Elizabeth and William co-wrote the song "Together" on Shatner's "Has Been" album."

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